Millenium Century construction professionals provide flexible, focused general construction services that always exceed client expectations. Millenium Century has an established, proven construction methodology that reflects an understanding of the processes and procedures that must be implemented to provide a thorough and effective execution of the work. This methodology has enabled Millenium to deliver projects ahead of schedule and under budget.


Preconstruction and Estimating Services

We evaluate drawings and specifications of each project at hand with a view to uncovering and addressing potential Logistical issues, Trade Coordination issues as well as the identification of Long-Lead materials.We provide consultation service for precise and punctual pricing backed by a wealth of experience that support and suggestion for cost saving at initial planning stages. Estimators are available for the duration of any project to provide continuing advice on cost control and changes in the scope affecting a client budget.


We are a team of professionals with a proven track record in the New York area. Our team is comprised of members who have worked together on numerous successful projects. You can be assured that MILLENIUM CENTURY will manage your project closely, carefully, and accountability for results. Achieving successful construction while meeting client requirements means upholding a work ethic founded on trust, communication and most importantly teamwork resources available to us. We use leading edge construction technology to realize expectations.

Safety Program

As Millenium continued to broaden their horizons with projects increasing in magnitude, the development of a comprehensive safety program became necessary for the protection of what Millenium considered their most important resource, i.e. their expanding workforce.

Quality Control Program

Millenium will take all precautions in each and every stage of construction to maintain quality standards as per the contract documents and clients requirement. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal Technical Support and Administrative Support Service.


As in every Construction Project, the client is concerned about the potential cost overruns of their project and are looking to their contractors for ways to maintain and/or achieve savings on the base budget for the project. Our team’s success in managing costs has come from the philosophy that “to manage cost, one needs to PRO-ACTIVELY manage the schedule”. With this philosophy in mind, we have developed a Management Planthat encompasses, multiple trade interaction, Long-lead material procurement, Installation / Application of temperature / weather sensitive materials and other industry known standards.


Our firm has been formulated and is operating under the tenet that in order to provide our clientele with High Level Construction services, we need to operate with wide range of resources available to us. We use leading edge construction technology to realize expectations.We are fully cognizant of the importance of a capable Administrative Support staff. To that end and consistent with our firm’s ambition to excel in this austere Construction market, we have filled all of our Administrative Support positions with individuals that are well aware of the demands, and rigors of our industry. Millenium’s project managers, superintendents, project engineers, estimators, planners, and schedulers also offer strong troubleshooting and coordination capabilities, which enhance our ability to be responsive to the needs on the projects. Under the able guidance of our Management Team, we feel confident that the personnel always exceeds all of our clients expectations.